It’s no accident that the culture of Apple is often described as a cult. It’s more than just products, it’s a cause to support. It’s a matter of faith.

Simon Sinek also said:

Because, in reality, there is no difference between sales and dating. In both circumstances, you set across a table from someone and hope to say enough  of the right things to close the deal.

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It is a false assumption that differentiation happens in HOW and WHAT you do. […] Differentiation happens in WHY and HOW you do it.

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For values and guiding principles to be truly effective they have to be verbs. It’s not „integrity“, it’s „always do the right thing“. It’s not „innovation“, it’s „look at the problem from a different angle“. Articulating our values as verbs gives us a clear idea … we have clear idea of how to act in any situation.

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Everything you say and everything you do has to prove what you believe.

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You can’t ask others what you have to do to be authentic. Being authentic means that you already know.

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